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This branch consists of the Fraud Division and the Investigation.Learn about common types of insurance and how to choose the ones that make the most sense for you.

Auto insurance fraud is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the United States.

Insurance Fraud Statistics

How to Protect Yourself From Auto Insurance Fraud

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The files of the Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor demonstrate that Insurance Fraud is crime committed.

Each year, insurance fraud costs companies and consumers alike tens of billions of dollars.The Enforcement Branch of the Department of Insurance is the investigative body for the department.

Car Insurance Fraud 101 As a driver, you have a number of things to focus on: choosing the right car insurance coverage, paying your premiums, and avoiding accidents.Insurance fraud occurs when people deceive an insurance company in order to collect money to which they are not entitled.

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Auto insurance fraud related to fraud surrounding car accidents. Life insurance fraud is generally a bit smaller in available methods than most other forms of.Insurance Fraud Quiz. If you are a teen and looking for more information about insurance fraud or general insurance information ask an Insurance Consumer Service.

For example: car insurance tips or common claims Popular Searches.Site describes types of fraud, and offers consumer information and Pennsylvania statistics.Insurance fraud refers to any duplicitous act performed with the intent to obtain an improper payment from an insurer.

Auto Car Insurance

Insurance is one of the more expensive and important items a consumer can.

Insurance fraud investigations protect you from fraudulent claims.Automotive insurance fraud has existed since the time that auto insurance policies first became available to consumers.Read about 5 common auto insurance scams -- and how to avoid them.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud Florida

Please Remember, Insurance Fraud Is a Crime Insurance fraud costs all of us in the form of higher auto insurance premiums.

What Is Insurance Fraud

Any act committed to obtain an outcome that is favorable, but fraudulent during an insurance claim.

California Auto Insurance Law

Staging auto accidents to defraud insurance companies is big business.

Insurance Fraud Car Accident

Insurance fraud can be commited by a variety of people, in a variety of ways.Insurance fraud can affect everyone, and Allstate works to fight insurance fraud and help protect you from increased insurance premiums.Insurance fraud occurs when someone knowingly lies to obtain some benefit or advantage that they are not entitled to.Car insurance fraud is rampant, believe it or not—in the form of phantom garaging.

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