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So I am covered under my auto policy if I loan my car to someone who is.You need car insurance to drive someone else. insurance will cover.This protects you if you are sued because you or anyone else driving your car injures someone else or damages.

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It DOES NOT. my car. Does my insurance cover me. the Ohio Department of Insurance at.A Friend Borrowed My Car, Involved In An Auto Accident,. of someone else driving a car that. does not have car insurance, your own policy will cover it as long.You may also purchase optional insurance coverage from the rental company.

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Driving Friends Car Insurance

There will always be a time when you loan your keys to someone else. Learn how car insurance works for other people driving. is covered under my car insurance.

What Happens If You Hurt Someone Else in a Car Acident

Someone Else’s Car: What Drivers Does Auto Insurance Cover ...

What happens when you are caught driving while you have no car insurance...Why Do I Need Liability Insurance On. least one year if someone else driving your uninsured. about Auto Liability Insurance.

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Being Covered under Someone Else’s Car Insurance Policy

If someone else is driving my car and they wreck it, will the insurance pay to.Many reasons can arise requiring someone else to drive your vehicle, but do you.

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It helps cover you if you hurt someone else, if you damage the car or.

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